Platamonas Castle

Located southeast of Olympus. The tower, which stands on the highway, is the most impressive donjon you will find in Greek Castles. Located in strategic position controlling the crossing of the valley of Tempi and the street of Macedonia - Thessaly - Southern Greece.

Working Hours

Daily: 08: 00-20: 00

Daily: 08: 00-15: 00

Mount Olympus

Olympus, our highest mountain and residence of the twelve gods of antiquity. World known for both ecological characteristics and the unique natural beauty and for its relationship with ancient Greek mythology.

Olympus located at the border of Macedonia and Thessaly and especially between the limits of the prefectures of Pieria and Larissa. Mytikas, the highest peak, is a straight line distance of 263 km from Athens and 78 km from Thessaloniki, while the coast of Pieria is 18 and from Katerini 24 km.

Ancient Livithra

The archaeological site of Livithra, occupies an area of 50 acres, where excavations are conducted nowadays.
The most famous and gifted mystic, musician, guitar player and singer of antiquity Orpheus, lived on this land. His mother was the muse Calliope and his father was Oeagrus, Spirit of a river.
According to the myth, Orpheus ruled in an area with limits starting from the Tempi Valley and reached to Bulgaria and Skopje.
He created his own religion (monotheism) and language. It's said that Orpheus created music, song that afterwards was popularized worldwide.